Outdoor production Blog post 1

On September 9. Me and the other students who attend the Outdoor media production course, met outside the IB boulding 9 o’clock. The previous day we had been organized into groups of 3. I had been grouped with Carl and Nico. We were herded into cars, and driven to the Standal cabin. When everybody had arrived, we had a meeting, in the smaller eating rom, in the cabin. We were told to find a room to sleep in, and then to eat a packed lunch. After the meal we were given the assignment. The assignment was to create a 2 minute long short film, which would disclose our relationship with “the great outdoors”.

Later that day we went out, with the instructors.We were given a rundown on what we needed to know about, photography, sound recording, and the dramatic structure of our short films. We were given the task to take some pictures of the surrounding, to be shown later that day. When we returned we ate dinner, and afterwards the instructors discussed the assignment with the students. Every group showed the pictures they had taken, and we were encouraged, to comment on them. When we were done, we were aloud to spend the rest of the day how we chose.

After breakfast the next day we were assembled, and told what we the days repertoire would be. We would hike up to a valley in the mountain. On the way we could film, record sound, and take pictures. We hiked up the side of the mountain, ignoring the hiking path completely. this was a mistake, but it made the hike a little more interesting. When we stopped by a river bed, about half way to the valley, we were told that we would be free to start producing our video. I started filming some nature shots. This slowed my groups assent to the walley considerably, but we were able to get some interesting shots. When we arrived at the valley, we talked over, story ideas, and what we needed. During the descent, We all filmed a number sequences, that we needed, and some that could come in handy. When we had fully descended, and arrived at the cabin, we were mostly done with our shooting. We planned to do some pickups, and sound recording later that day.

After a fine spaghetti dinner, my group had a went out to record some sound and video. We rented an glidecam. Thats a camera rig used to get smooth gliding motion in a moving shot. I had used one before, and knew how to operate it. I saw that no one else had intended to rent it, so i thought “why not?”. After our little escapade, we headed back to the cabin, to discus the story of our film.

The next day, after breakfast, we began cleaning the cabin, and moving all our stuff outside. We were then allowed to continue working on our assignment. My group recorded sound, for our video. When we were done with all that, we gathered around the cabin, and talked about the last past days, with the instructors. Then we were once again herded into cars, to be driven home.

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