Outdoor media production task 1 reflection

We where given the task, to create a 2 minute video were we would, with our two group mates, divulge our relationship with outdoor life. We were given the task on the first day of the trip to the Standal cabin.

My group mates and me decided that we would split up the 2-minute film, to 3 separate parts. Where we would focusing on making our own parts. We came to this conclusion, because we thought it would be easier for us to tell our own stories by our self. After we had come to that conclusion, we all started working on our own stories, while still discussing the ideas with the rest of the group.

My first idea for the video was to begin it with me getting ready for a trip to the mountains, and then showing that trip. I was sure I wanted a minimal amount of dialog in the videos, because I wanted the images to speak for them selves. After a discussion my group had with the teachers, I came to the conclusion, that I should have some amount of dialog. I needed to frame the story of the film, and simply using images would make that harder. I decided I would start the film by asking a question, then use the images to answer that question.

The first day we began to film, my idea of what my segment would be wasn’t so clear. So I spent most of the time filming beauty shots, that could be usable no mater how I framed the story. A little later after filming, I got an idea of some sequences that I could use. I got my group mates to film me walking and getting water form a river. I also put the camera on a tripod, and then I carried it over my shoulder. I had seen shots like these before, and knew they would look interesting. If the shot would fit the video was a different question.

Some days after we left the Standal cabin, my group reviewed our footage. We came to the conclusion that we needed more footage to make our video. We took a trip to the nearest mountain and filmed some shots we needed. After we got those we all began editing our segment, separately. I had an idea of having a lot of quick shots and a fast cutting rhythm, punctuated by longer shots. I mostly abandoned this idea, because of a lack of coverage, and certain segments that needed to be short became to long, and vice versa. Eventually I found a way to cut it witch was satisfactory.

My segment starts with a wide shot of peak from a valley, and with the question “what is my relationship with nature”. It then cuts to black, and you hear “I can show you”. Then comes a sequence where I get ready, by putting on clothes and making coffee. It continues to various shots, of me hiking, and scenery. It ends with me looking at the valley witch it the video started with.

I think the beginning of my segment works, but it doesn’t pull trough at the end, as it should. I don’t feel that I answered the question of “what my relationship with nature is?” as well as I could. I think it could be helped by: either stating it outright trough voiceover, or showing more shots of me appreciating nature could help this.

The video as a hole, with the other segments, comes of a little strange. They’re three distinctly different stories, but a lot of the shots are similar, if not the same. I think the video overall could have come of better, if we worked more on tying them together.

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