The Patchell cabin

Who on earth would someone spend 2 nights on a cold mountain, with no electricity, or internet? Turns out i would.

It wasn’t the first time i slept in a cabin, or the first time hiked up a mountain ether. As a Norwegian spending time on mountains, is fairly natural for me. Once the days grow longer, and nights shorter, Norwegians often get an urge, to wander up the mountains we live under. So when i was told to hike up a mountain for 4 hours, to find a cabin, with no electricity or internet. It didnt seem like such a hard task. To some extent i was wrong, but it wasn’t bad, not by a long shot.

Let me elaborate. I attend an university course, called outdoor media. Basicly we shoot video in nature. This time we were going to visit the Patchell cabin. The cabin is located close to fairly well known mountain peak, Slogen. It even has a brand of beer named after it. I’ve only tasted the pale ale version, which was less than satisfying, but people say the other versions are good. The peak stands at 1564 ms over sea level, and the trip up to the cabin, takes 4 hours up and 3 down. Quite the assent, if you ask me.

When we began the ascent, i thought “four hours won’t be so bad. I’ve probably walked for that long before”. If i had walked for that long before, it certainly didn’t help. This trip was hard, but not just because of the length of the trip. The mountains are deceitful. You walk up the mountain side, all the while seeing the top, and thinking “almost there”. But when you reach the top, you see another one, and another, and another, until your throat is burning and knees are all wobbly.Then you sit down, drink some water, and have a snack, and you’re good to go.

Luckily all this pain and suffering has a payoff. The peak before the walley. Before you come to the walley where the cabin sits, theres this wonderful peak. The view kicks you right in the face, and you can see the end. Just when you were about to beg the gods for forgiveness, and take away all your pain and suffering, you see the end, and what lies beyond.

The cabin itself, no lights, other than candle light, no internet, just friends. The days we spent there, were wonderful, but it had to come to an end. We packed our bags, and headed down. One the way down, i asked my fellow students why people should visit the cabin. If i couldn’t convince you, maybe they can.

Why sould you visit the Patchell cabin from håkon brandal on Vimeo.

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