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Trip to Ålesund

Last week the whole Outdoor Media class went for a field trip to Ålesund. The reason for this trip was mainly to visit the principal for the last project we have been assigned. As the last two assigments we have been divided to groups of three. The difference this time is that the third-years and the exchange students is divided from us in second grades because of difficulties.

nullÅlesund fra Aksla

While heading towards Ålesund, the weather showed itself from one of the worst sides in a long time. Parts from an tropical hurricane in the Caribbean gave us a tremendous amount of wind and rain. Some of us wasn´t totally prepared and got a bit wet. When we arrived at Mount Aksla just outside of Ålesund center, we found out that the famous steps down towards the city was closed due to restoration. We had to find a parking spot inside Ålesund instead and carry on towards the museum for jugend stile. Here we were given a guided tour were we got a soild presentation about the arcitectical style Ålesund is famous for.


After the visit at the Jugend Senter, we had to find JACU, a coffee place located not so far way. The only problem was that no one was able to find out were this place was. Nicolai, who is born and raised in Ålesund had a hard time understanding the description and recognizing where to go. We somehow managed to find the place after walking around the city for quite some time in the horrible weather. At JACU we met Tom, the PR manager(?) for Destinasjon Ålesund og Geiranger, our principal for this project. He gave us inspiration and vital informaion about what he wanted from us. After the presentation, we sat down in groups to discuss want we wanted to do. We agreed to focus on hinking in the area and especially in the Ålesund region. I hope Tom would find our plans for this project interesting and that we can make a good product that they can use in their marketing.