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In this notice I will reflect opon my latest assignment from Standalshytta/Volda. I will explain what I wanted to explain in my film with Karoline and Irina (the two others I cooperated with)

Describing my product/film

We were given an assigment to create a film on 2 minutes that told three stories about the following question: What´s your relation to the nature in the surrounding area (Sunnmøre)?
We sat down and tried to find a plot and dramatic question to the assigment, such as; what do you want to tell/explain during your time (40 seconds). I landed on the idea to talk about my relationship with Sunnmøre, that I have a good bunch of relativtes in the area and the fact that my heritage is located in Volda, Stranda and Hareid areas. Just because of the economic situation my great-great grandfather was in, I would been a Sunnmøring today (maybe?).

By giving an interview at the start of my part, the viewers will get to know me and where I am. By telling from the scenery I´m located in, I tried to inform and explain why my relation to Sunnmøre is interesting. By walking towards Melshornet, I wanted to show the beauty of the nature in Volda and that I care about walking and exploring the area, along with my roots.

What I think about the product and improvements

My first opinion is that I did not managed to deliver my message in a good way. The reason is like all the feedback I got on Thursdag was, it was too much me and not enough natural enviroment. The reason why this became a reality, is because of two things:

1. When we were recording in Volda, Irina and Karoline was feeling ill. This meant that my plan to walk up Helgehornet did not become a reality. Instead, we had to change our current plans, which meant some easier areas to shoot, such as the harbour on Irinas film and the cafe for Karolines part. The reason Melshornet became an option, was because we could reach it by car. This is why the clips feels a little bit “staged” in my opinion.

2. Because of a recent death in my family, I had to leave for Oslo at Thursday. So this affected our film a bit, which meant we could not shoot any more for the film. Although, we tried to make the best out of the shots we had and make a decent film with the material we had.

I´m also not satisfied with some of the audio on my part. We tried to make simuntanious shots with the audio and tried not to script our story line. This made the monolouge a bit bumpy and unsecure, ecspesially on my part. At one point, the wind also managed to sneak underneath the wind protection we used on the audio recorder. Overall, I think I could have made a better product if it wasn´t for those few factors hitting in at one point. The things I like about my movie, is the interview scene we see a lot. I am very satisfied with the sharpness and posision on the shot. It may be a bit boring, when you think about the grey and lifeless background the shot has, but I actully thought I wouldn´t use this shot several times. Because of the lack of other more describing and explaining shots, the interview became a bit repeating.

If I choose to improve this film, I will consider finding more nature shots which could help me explain my dramatic question, improve the sound/monolouge and change the style of the movie from the interview perspective to the voice over format. I feel this format dosen´t work out well. During the screening it was kind of cool to have a format that no one else had, although it wasn´t that great in that matter.

At last I will say some words about my group. It was interesting to work with an international student, however none of us were super good in english, making some situations a bit hard in understanding what each other meant. Also, being the only one with some good experience in video/audio recording, made in a challenge in the start. However, Karoline and Irina were very interested in learning to use the equipment, and sooner we were able to operate all the different tasks, which I find great. I can´t say I´m a good educator, but I managed to give them a good introduction in using the Zoom H6 as we used during our recordings.

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