Patchelhytta, September

For our second assignment in Outdoor Media Prodcution, we went on another cabin trip in the area. This one is more remote and further away from the civilization, but still close to the college. We packed our cars full with equipment and went over Hjørundfjorden by ferry. We stopped at a small creek above Urke, and carried on by foot  for 6-7 kilometers with a quite heavy backpack in a changing enviroment from the weather. The hike wasn´t particularly steep, but it became a bit challenging because of the heavy backpack and my poor form. On the way, the weather changed quite rapidly, and the mountains stated to appear, showing tall tops covered in snow. When we reached the cabin, we stationed there, talked about the upcoming program the next days and relaxed.

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Slogen (1564 m.o.h) shown with snow and clouds

The place we were staying at, is a unemployed tourist cabin located among tall mountains close to Slogen. The cabin is named after the mountaineer and hinking expert Charles Watson Patchell. He is considered a pioneer in hiking in the Sunnmøre region and specially the Sunnmøre Alps. Between 1890 to 1920, he climbed the vast and steep mountains in the area. He stayed mainly at the Hotel Union located down at Øye, close to Hjørundfjorden. He also managed to establish a cabin among Slogen and Smørskredtindane. A cabin made out of high and heavy stone blocks, this became his base while he was exploring and hiking at the mountains. This cabin is located on the other side of the stream that runs next to the modern Patchell Cabin.


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 View towards Stranda and surrounding areas

During the time at Patchell, I tought I could make a film about being offline for a couple of days, not surrounded by our ordinary digital life and stressful studies. Being a bit free and doing something I haven´t done in a while, like playing cards, reading, being outside the whole day, etc… After returning to Volda and checking through the clips, I found out i had not fullfilled what I wanted to create, and changed the focus of the film to one of my earlier ideas about finding the perfect view. While you are on top of a mountain of hill and you watch across the countryside/mountains, what do you really look at? What do you search for? What do you prefer to look at?

Some of the audio visual means I¨ve used in the creating of this film is to use some typical clichés, like asking a retorical question and give suggesting answers to the viewer until finally giving my own answer. By combining this with an philosophic voice over, with illustrating beauty shots from the enviroment surrounding the Patchell cabin, this film tries to motivate the viewer to make the same trip, so they can also sit on top of a rock with the mighty Slogen in the background, scanning the surroundings for their own perfect view themselves.


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