OMP – Tur til Standalshytta

The first trip
We prepared the trip by going through briefly what kind of clothes and stuff we should bring. Warm wool was especially important to keep us dry even tough we not met any rain. I’ve luckily kept my woolen underwear clothes from my time in the air force. I asked my roomie to borrow his backpack, and then I was ready for three days in Standalen, positioned on the northern west coast of Norway. I even bought new expensive Gore-Tex-outdoor-pants to keep absolute dry when we where up in the mountains. I thought I didn’t miss anything before leaving my house, but when there was 3 minutes to deadline, I realized that i forgot blank sheets…

Ideaworkshop in the fireplace-room.

Ideaworkshop in the fireplace-room.

I got some hard comments from my teacher; Dag, because of that, but happily enough he was slightly prepared for those kind of situations by bringing a “sheet-bag” (In Norwegian that word sounds a kind of naughty…).

The task was to make out some ideas of what outdoor life meant to you personally, and to make a media product out of that. The product is a 2 and a half minute long videoclip we make in our groups.

Mine to gode compagnionger i Håkon og Nicolai.

My two good classmates in Håkon og Nicolai.

After the lunch was over, we moved outdoor and walked a little distance to a place called Standalssætra (Mountainfarm of Standal).
At the farm, we got pulled around in pools with our different teachers (Kjetil, Dag, Carl and Øystein). The teachers gave us tips in how to make things dramatic, how to record good outdoor sound and tips in how to use our camera. Then we had some minutes to take some shots of the scenery that would been shown to the rest of the class in the evening. In good sportsmanship, my picture was of my fellow group companions.

Silje ser betenkt ut.

Silje looks out at the beautiful scenery.

The light ran out, and we walked back to the hut where we ate dinner and had some time to relax before Kjetil had an power-point-session where we learned about academic terms and things like that in our course. After that we played some old fashioned board-games before we went to bed.

Learningsession at Standalssætra.

Learningsession at Standalssætra.

The next day, the fun began, and after a short breakfast, we went out to explore the mountains. We walked up a nice valley with a spectacular scenery. Our front-man-leader, Kjetil, had not walked up the valley in the summertime so we almost immediately lost the path. After some bush-hiking, we took a short break where we discussed with our group what kind of shots we want in our video before we went hiking to the top and down again.

With an amazing scenery and beautiful weather, I enjoyed every minute of the hiking-trip, and I took some good shots to keep some memories and hopefully to add to our clip.

The last day we discussed what kind of plot and dramatic question our video should have, and we make some time to record sound before heading back to Volda.

Thanks for a cool trip, and i look forward to new challenges in the next few months before exam!


Vi fikk tips om å eksperimentere med lys av Carl.

We got tips to experiment with lights.

Kjetil fannt ikke stien, vi måtte ta pause i buskkrattet.

Kjetil didn’t fint the path, so we had to take a short break.



Dag holder brief før vi la ut på tur.

Dag briefs us quickly before we go outside.