Reflection document, Assignment #1

The assignment was to make out some ideas of what outdoor life personally meant to you, and make a media product out of that. The product is a 2 and a half minute long videoclip that we make in collabriation with our groups.

My group consisted of Håkon and Nicolay, two fellow classmates I knew well from before.

In Standalssætra, we learned several things to use in our media product from our teachers, in example sound design, the dramatic question, how to operate with lights and composition. I felt I knew most of this things from last year, and that they were more ”plundered” on our international students. But anyways, it was great with a refreshment.

I didn’t exactly knew what to put in my videoclip. We decided in our group, that we got 40 seconds each to make our own part in the video. In that way, I knew our clips would be very different from eachother, but that also would make the movie more personal.

Dag meant that we should base our films on a dramatic question to make it interesting for our viewers. And firstly, we need to think of who our viewers was. Who was my viewer? I would say someone as old as me, from the same area, who could settle in and understand my feelings about friluftsliv and living in Volda. I can think of about some thousand in Oslo to describe that person.

Secondly, we need to ask a dramatic question, like; if I were on a fishing trip, would I get any fish? Or if I had a seperated brother on the other side of the world; will I ever meet him? That is questions the most of movies are built on. We need to ask a question, so the viewer want to care about the caracthers, and make them want to keep viewing the film.

So I asked this question: Why am I bothering making the trip outdoor when I got all the facilitys like wireless broadboand connection and playstation who keeps entertaining me everday I want it?

Well, there were many ways I could have answered that question, but I didn’t feel I got to answer it precisley in my final product.

I didn’t knew where to begun, so I just hanged on Håkon and Nicolay hiking up the hill, and hoped to get some inspirations and good shots.


That isn’t exactly a very smart and planned way of doing things, but hey, what should I’ve been doing?


So we started the trip up the beatiful mountain valley, and I realized that I should have borrowed my own DSLR movie-camera. I have a Cannon EOS 1000D, some of the cheapest cameras when I bought it, and I didn’t think I should have use for a movie function. What a mistake…

Then I had to make som shots with Håkon and Nicolay’s cameras, and to be honest, it wasn’t and ideal way of doing things.


But it worked out in some way, and after we left Standalshytta, I had to think about the editing of my clips.


I wanted to make myself central in my part of the video, so the clip starts with a shot of me when i rest at the top of the valley. It isn’t a very beatuiful shot or anything like that, but it works to tell my story. Then i got some shots of my self walking around, drinking water and beatuy-shots of the mountain, and again, I feel I now can add my voice to tell my story. I editet the clips with the tempo of my music score – ”I dovregubbens hall” – and I thought it would make a nice touch, even though it was some kind of clichè for us norwegains. The music score in the final product takes too much focus of the story, but I hope to make that lowered very soon.