Outdoor media Production – Our first trip

A part of our course in Outdoor Media Production this semester is three trips into the great outdoors. Last week we visited Standalhytta, a cabin at Standal, about half an hour drive from Volda. The cabin is located in stunning surroundings, among mountains, lakes and valleys. The cabin is situated at the foot of the wonderful Sætretindane. The whole class went there, which consists of thirtynine students and four teachers. Our class consists of students from MID2, MID3, Outdoor Life or as we say: Friluftsliv, PR (Information) and Erasmus students.


We stayed at the cabin for three days, were we got our first assignement for the semester, had lectures and workshops. Our assignement was to make a two minute long movie, where each person on the group (we were three persons on each group) was to tell their story, about their relationship to nature and the outdoor life. The workshops were outdoors, seeing as we got lucky with the weather. On our first day we had workshops at an old farmstead called Myklebustsætra, which is located at the foot of the mountain Sætreegga. The workshops we had were photography, dramaturgy and sound recording. In photography we talked about composition, angles, moving the camera around. Tips and tricks for us to use for our movies.

In dramaturgy we talked about the concepts for our assignements, the story we wanted to relay. Each person told their story to the teacher and got feedback on it. Before we went on towards the last station, which was sound recording, our teacher said that we should walk down, not talk to each other and that each one of us should walk a different path and just listen to the sounds and take a look around. I loved this little walk, it was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip, oddly enough.

At the last station we talked about the sound recording equipment and what to use to capture certain types of sound. Sadly, my group could not be there for the whole session, as we had the responsibility for making the dinner for the day. We ended the day with a lecture and I even got time to do some fishing.


On our second day, we went hiking up Kvanndalen, a valley right next to Sætretindane. We started off pretty good, but then we lost the trail for a while and soon I realized that a machete would be nice to have at that point, as we walked and crawled our way through bushes and trees. After a while we found the trail and moved on towards where the valley ended, surrounded by mountains (Sætretindane and Kolåstinden). When we reached our destination, we had lunch before we hade some lectures. Then we were free to wander around this breathtaking place to record sound and shoot footage for our movie. After a while we hiked back down the valley to get home in time for dinner.

The last day we had a very short lecture and were free to shoot some more footage and record sound before we packed our bags and went home.


I have always like being out in the nature, fishing, camping, hiking in the mountains. When I grew up, I used to go with my best friend and his dad on trips all the time. But when we moved, my outdoor life slowly faded away for a good couple of years. But as I grew older I started to get the interest back again. I have a friend who has a very small cabin that sits high up in the mountains above Ulsteinvik and we have been there many times. And when I moved to Volda I had to take advantage of the magnificent nature that surrounds it. I have been hiking more, kayakin and fishing more frequently. For me being out in the nature, it calms me down. I can sit down and just empty my head and relieve myself of all the daily routines of school, work and other (sometimes) stressful things. Just breathe in the air, listen to the silence. I absolutely love it.