Red balloon.

Let me just start this off by saying I do not watch scary movies, so I am no that familiar with the scary movie genre. This gives me a disadvantage when giving a very critical review of a scary movie. However, I will do my best and review it from my experience from normal movie experiences and, the very few scary movies I have watched, combined with the scary games that I have watched youtuber’s play. The way I will write this critical review is to make a list with things that I think where done poorly and that I think can be done better.

I think they overused the phasing trough windows effect, I admit it was a cool effect but when its done alot/to much, it makes you notice it each time. When you start to notice effects it kinda takes you out of the movie, and makes you think how they produced it instead or just think “oh there is that effect again” and you don’t take the movie as serious as you would if the effect wasn’t overdone and you wouldn’t pay that much attention to it. If you saw a movie where there was only jumpscares and nothing else to make it creepy, you would start to get bored after a while, you could tell when they are coming, and that takes the scary factor away, which scary movies are supposed to have. (Yes you might jump a bit when they come but that doesn’t make the movie any good, it needs different ways to keep the watcher afraid and wondering what happens next.)

They make fun of the baby sitter cliché, but their movie/short film is also very cliché with the baby sitter watching a baby and something happens to either the baby, the girl or both. I have heard many stories about a couple getting a babysitter then something strange happens. One I remember (that is also the one told about in the film) in particular is about a couple having a babysitter watching their baby, and they had leftover pieces of turkey that they said the babysitter could put in the oven and heat up. But to the parents horror when they get home the babysitter is sitting in the kitchen and eating something but it’s not the turkey, it’s the baby.

Anyways back to being critical to the short film, the typical “grown ups never listens to kids”. The little girl in the film keeps looking and pointing at the area where the killer is hiding, but she never checks it for her. A known one is when the kid says “There is a monster in my closet” but their parents never believe them, and yes, I understand that this is very common since there is no such things as monsters, but I feel that this has been done a lot of times in movies. And that makes the film not that scary because we know the “monster” is going to attack at some point, we just don’t know exactly when, but like I said when you know it’s going to happen it’s not that scary when it actually happens.

The jumpscare with the little girl in her dream is 1. Not that well done with poor CGI and is hidden with the scene being only about 1 second, 2. You can kinda see it coming and 3, it’s the oldest trick in the book of spooks “the jumpscare”. Yes, I admit jumpscares are a big part of scary movies etc, but it’s such a cheap shot. When it’s done well I think it is great to use in scary movies, but when it is done poorly it’s just bad and you just feel cheated.

When she is going back into the house she uses the phonescreen as a flashlight instead of the phones actual flashlight, that doesn’t make any sense. But then again this is very typical in scary movies, the person being chased makes the worst decisions and have a tendency to fall over nothing so that the killer can get up to them and kill them. In this short film she doesn’t fall, but she did one not run into the little girls room and get her, she decided to first run out then go back in giving the killer time to get into position. And she doesn’t turn on the light, nor use the flashlight on her phone, giving the killer the upper hand to be able to hide in the shadows and move in on her.



Like I said I do not have that much knowledge about scary movies, and just reading about them doesn’t make you an expert on them. To really get to know all the clichés, tricks, and the ways things are done you have to watch many scary movies so that you get more knowledge about the different ways to scare, make a good scary movie etc. And since I don’t watch scary movies it is a lot harder to do a review about one then if you watch scary movies on a regular basis. (The main reason I don’t watch scary movies is because why give my head ideas like what is in those bushes that I just walked by in the night. Why give yourself a reason to be scared of something when you don’t have to :/ )

Lydvandring oppg 6

Jeg og phillip dro på coop ved kaia i Volda for å ta opp de forskjellige lydene vi hadde hørt når vi var på lydvandring, og vi tok opp ulike lyder som viften/motoren fra kjøleapperatet til kjøleskap, lyden av vogner som ruller over gulvet, rassling fra esker og poser osv. uheldighvis så klarte jeg og glemme igjen minnekortet med lyden på i Volda, da jeg dro hjem til Molde i helgen. Link til soundcloud vil bli lagt HER når jeg kommer tilbake til volda å får tak i filene mine igjen.